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Sound Supervison
Sound Design

At Timeline Audio we provide comprehensive sound supervision services for your audio needs. We have the experience and technical expertise to elevate your project to its fullest potential. Regardless of size, scope or type of audio medium you are working with, feel confident with us in knowing all techical and deliverable standards will be meet without headache or concern and all personell needed for the job will be vetted and curated for you.

We specialize in providing top-quality mixing and mastering services. Providing exceptional sound quality to audiences around the world requires prestine audio mixing. Wether that is ensuring mixes translate well to mobile systems or ensuring they meet their full Atmos or surround potential.  Let our mixing add dimension, scope, realisms and help transport listeners to amazing sonic worlds. We ensure that every element of your audio is optimized to create a seamless, cohesive, and high-quality product.

We understand the importance of how sound design can help elevate and bring any project to life. That's why we've spent years perfecting every aspect including; sound editing, stylizing intricacies, layering custom recordings, comprehisive unique synth patches, creating outherwoldly creatures, building never before heard sounds. etc.  We have the know-how and creativity to meticulously craft flawless soundscapes for your project, so the audience can truly immerse themselves into your story. Trust us to bring your project to life with artfully designed sound.

Orginal Music
Music Supervision
Music Editing

Personalized music solutions tailored to your media and audience.

Let your project standout and speak thematically to its core story and or message with unique custom music.

We have experience with music production that can resemble any top 40 radio hit, minimalistc cinematic score, and or big broad hollywood style memorable themes 

We are your-one stop-shop for curating that perfect track from licensing music and editing it to your project. 

Let us help you choose, level, trim, merge, perfect an ending, add fx's, align beats,  whatever is needed to create that polished finished music track that syncs and works perfectly with your project.

Perfecting the art of Foley isn't something to be taken for granted. It can truely enhance the realism of any project.  We take great pride in our dedication and advantage over the competetion with ensuring our Foley work and peformances sound as autenctic as our ears would expect it too.

We have a dedicated Foley room with over 10,000 props and Foley Pit with several custom surfaces. Entrust us to help bring that extra human touch and life to your project with our perfected Foley services.

Integration - immersion
Sonic Branding
Best Choice_edited_edited.png
Voice Casting - Recording

Taking crucial technical steps to fine-tune and seamlessly blend sounds together in your games environment. A vital proponent of any game or immersive audio experience. We strive with our technical experience to help make the difference between a mediocre experience to a great one.

Designing sonic elements that resonate & connect. Let us help you create a unique sound for your brand or project, enhancing your audience’s experience and reinforcing your brand identity.

With our casting services, let us help you find that perfect voice or performer with experienced direction.

Whether you prefer the intimacy of our in-person Montreal based studio or the convenience of remote sessions, we've got you covered.  Bringing both 2-way or 3-way remote solutions to ensure a seamless voice recording.  We pride ourselve on our remote solutions that push the boundaries, ensuring the audio comes through crystal clear and in near perfect sync to your media. 

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