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Studio & Services

Timeline Audio offers a wide range of Audio related services to best serve our clients needs and budgets supported by acclaimed creative talent and its technical facility


Studio A: Surround Mixing (7.4.1)


Dedicated state of the art "boutique" 7.1.4 surround Atmos mix suit capturing  the feel of the theatrical experience. Room meets Dolby specifications and is fully broadcast compliant.

Studio B: Sound Edit Suit + Mastering (5.1)

ADR Booth #1 -Vocal Booth #1


Studio C: Sound Edit - Music (4.0)

ADR Booth #2 -Vocal Booth #2


Studio A: Surround Mixing (7.1.4)



Studio D: Foley Suit + Edit

ADR Booth #2 -Vocal Booth #2


Playback Operation: Musicals



Location Sound REcording


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