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About us

Our mission

Timeline Audio has quickly become a leader in audio post-production. We are a full service "boutique" audio post and music production company specializing in high impact sound design, surround mixing (up to 7.1), Foley, ADR, dubbing and music production (scores, songs & background music), We also have experience voice casting, script translation and voice direction. 


Timeline Audio was founded in 2006 by  sound designer, music producer and engineer Joe Barrucco, whom saw the media industry rapidly changing and wanted to fulfill a need. To afford the same resources and cutting edge experience and technology, high caliber sound design and music to all  filmmakers & media developers alike.  With the advent of technological improvements and the growing trend of both being able to create media projects for much less and a drastic cut back in project funding  this model has quickly become a successful anecdote  to the ever changing world of media content.


We are not just another audio post production company that the industry is saturated with, but we are also a group of business specialist whom have nurtured a new business model which significantly reduces the cost of ours services for our clients with reduced overhead, which means the savings is transfers to more creative effort on the screen with continuous award winning results.


Is to help realize and enhance independent filmmakers’ & media developers’ artistic vision through the use of rich sound scapes that can strive as characters by their own merit and also serve as collective story enhancing tools.


As film & media “connoisseurs” first, our goal is to be able to make all the available sound resources, expert techniques and sound consultation available to our clients affordably. Given sound’s abstract nature it’s our duty to nurture and inform our clients of how sound can be shaped and pushed to maximize its strength and creative usage for their projects.


Each specialist of our team (sound designers, music composers, mixing engineers, Foley artists) are trained and encouraged to articulate themselves creatively pushing the boundaries of possibility so that they can best foster our clients’ needs and requests.


At TLA you can count on your soundtracks to be “on time and in time” animated in perfect collaboration with your project.

"sound is half the experience, ........ sound is where you get the most bang for your buck.” - George Lucas

“There’s no excuse for having a mental or creative block in sound. You can just go out and collect things in the real world – they make the sound, not you. It’s very restricting to always use a library for sound effects. It’s much more interesting and freeing to go out and record new sounds because you never know what you’re going to get.”

- Gary Rydstrom

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