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"I am SO impressed with your work!!  You did a beautiful job.  There's some touches in the film that stunned me.  I love your subtlety and nuance while at the same time being evocative.  This is rare"

-Ann Kroeber (30 year sound veteran known for Dead Poets Society, Blue Velvet, Dune, Lost Highway)


"Joe Barrucco is a very passionate composer  & sound designer, delivering work on time and has an excellent client approach."

-David Larose - Ubisoft (sound designer & Integrator)


"Joe is the sound world version of a top master chef on the food network's biggest show…. only without the commercial breaks".

-Michael Hamilton Wright - Outpost Media Inc. (hollywood writer/producer)


"Timeline Audio is nothing short of a miracle for filmmakers.  For my first feature, they delivered Hollywood caliber sound design, dialogue editing, and 5.1 mixing within an impossible timeframe. A lot of individuals did demos for this project, but nobody came close to their level of quality and professionalism.  Not only that but they were also super easy to work with and extremely passionate about taking this film to the next level.  In short, they actually managed to meet my insanely high expectations and standards, and I'm incredibly happy to have collaborated with them.  Timeline Audio is the perfect choice for any  filmmaker.

- Doug Roos, writer/producer/director/editor of The Sky Has Fallen


"With all the hiccups and heart ach that comes with production I’m happy to report that post production sound went the smoothest. Joe always executed when deadlines were set for festival submissions and delivered a very professional 5.1 sound scope that added a flare to the final product. I look forward to working with him again in the near future."


- John Christou (award-winning producer, founder of Prospector Films and the chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada)


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