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Highlighted honored awards


Timeline Audio is proud to have contributed to the successes of our projects with many awards and official selections to some of the most prestigious festivals around the globe, including mainstream successes and commercial advertising awards. Below is a list of a few of the many of our highlighted contributions.

"Rhymes For Young Ghouls"

Director & Writer:  Jeff Barnaby

Production Company: Prospector Films Inc.

Distributor: Eone Entertainment & Seville

Genre:  Thriller, Comedy

Our Credits: Original Music & Recording, Sound Design, Surround Mix


Synopsis: Guided by the spirits of her departed mother and brother, an Aboriginal teenager plots revenge against a sadistic Indian Agent in this fiercely irreverent debut feature from Canadian director Jeff Barnaby



Official Selection of The Toronto Internation Film Festival TIFF 2013

Awarded "Top Ten" feature at Tiff 2013


Vancouver Film Critics Circle 2014

Won VFCC Award "Best Director "

Nominated VFCC Award "Best First Film"


Vancouver International Film Festival 2013

Won "Best First Feature"


and more......



"Cheap Thrills"

Director:  E.L Katz

Production Companies: New Artist Alliance & Snowfort Productions

Distributor: Drafthouse

Genre:  Black Comedy

Our Credits:  Sound Design, Foley, Dialogue Edit, Surround Pre-Mixes


Synopsis: Dark comedy about a pair of old friends (Pat Healy and Ethan Embry) whose chance reunion at an inner-city dive bar leads to an encounter with a wealthy couple (David Koechner and Sarah Paxton) who tempt the pals to participate in a lucrative game of one-upmanship that quickly runs off the rails.



SXSW Film Festival 2013

Awarded "Audience Award"


FANTASIA Film Festival 2013

Won Jury Prize "Best First Film "


Boston Underground Film Festival 2013

Won Director's Award "Best Feature"


and more...

"The legend of beaver dam"

Director:  Jerome Sable

Production Companies: FDLT Productions Inc.

Distributor: Ouat Media

Genre:  Comedy​, Horror, Musical

Our Credits:  Music Mixing, Sound Design, Foley, Dialogue Edit, Surround 5.1 Mix


Synopsis: When a ghost story around the campfire awakens an evil monster, it's up to nerdy Danny Zigwitz to be the hero and save his fellow campers from a bloody massacre. Crank up the volume and get ready to scream along to this musical gore-fest in the woods. Heads will rock'n'roll!



Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival TIFF 2011


SUNDACE Film Festival 2011

Won Short Filmmaking Award

Nominated Short Filmmaking Award international


Won "Best Short Film" at SITGES, FANTASTIC Fest & SCREAM Fest 2011


selected to over 75 International Film Festivals.


and more...


Director:  Nir Paniry

Production Companies: New Artist Alliance

Distributor: Phase 4 Films

Genre:  Drama, Sci-Fi

Our Credits:  Co-Sound Design, Foley, Dialogue Edit


Synopsis:  A scientist who has invented a technique to watch people's memories finds himself in a dangerous situation after he's tasked with entering a heroin addict's mind to see whether the man committed murder.



Official Selection at the SXSW Film Festival 2012



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